Get To Know The New Volkswagen Polo Sedan

VW Polo Sedan Introduction

Volkswagen has been a fan-favourite automaker amongst South Africans for years. During this time, the company has built a strong reputation based on values including quality, reliability and versatility.

These values and more are exemplified in the latest range of VW Polo Sedan vehicles. They’re not only classics but stylish to boot. Anyone even slightly familiar with a Polo Sedan will know that it’s so much more than just another car. Its technologies, beauty, safety and all-around practicality make it a sedan that’s always adventure-ready.

When choosing a VW Polo Sedan as your new ride, you’re investing in a vehicle that will loyally accompany you wherever the roads of life may lead. This sedan range offers everything you need from a passenger vehicle – plus incredible value for money!

You can watch a South African video review on the Polo Sedan Comfortline for an overview of one of the vehicle trims!

VW Polo Sedan Specs

The Polo Sedan comes in two different trim levels, one entry-level model (Trendline) and a mid-level model (Comfortline). While the two variants are both impressive vehicles, the Polo Sedan Comfortline has more luxurious details and upmarket finishes as its standard features.

The following Polo Sedan specs cover the entire range:

Polo Sedan Specification 63kW Trendline 77kW Trendline 63kW Comfortline 77kW Comfortline 77kW Comfortline Tiptronic
Cylinders 4 4 4 4 4
Capacity (cm3) 1.4/1398 1.6/1598 1.4/1398 1.6/1598 1.6/1598

Valves (per cylinder)
4 4 4 4 4
Compression Ratio 10.5 10.5 10.5 10.5 10.5
Power output (kW @ r/min) 63 @ 5000 77 @ 5250 63 @ 5000 77 @ 5250 77 @ 5250
Torque (Nm @ r/min) 132@3600 155@3500 132@3600 155@3500 155@3500
Fuel Injection Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
5-speed manual Standard Standard Standard Standard N/A – 6-speed automatic
Acceleration in seconds (0 - 100 km/h) 12,8 11,1 12,8 11,1 12,3
Top speed (km/h) 178 190 178 190 187
Fuel Consumption (litres/100km)
Extra-urban 4,8 4,9 4,8 4,9 5,3
Urban cycle 7,7 8,0 7,7 8,0 8,6
Combined 5,9 6,0 5,9 6,0 6,5

Disclaimer: This information was effective as of 05 October 2021, valid for model year 22 and is subject to change without notice.

If you would like to view the extended specifications for the Polo Sedan, please download the brochure.

VW Polo Sedan Pricing

Whichever VW Polo Sedan you end up investing in, you’re sure to end up with a family-friendly car that exudes quality from the inside out. Its interior was designed with space and comfort in mind, while the exterior is oh-so-sleek and simply radiates confidence. It makes everyone inside and around it feel good.

Full Polo Sedan Price List

Polo Sedan Model Recommended Retail Price
Polo Sedan 63kW Trendline (manual) R265,800
Polo Sedan 77kW Trendline R288,900
Polo Sedan 63kW Comfortline (manual) R290,200
Polo Sedan 77kW Comfortline (manual) R313,700
Polo Sedan 77kW Comfortline Tiptronic R330,400

Optional Add-On Prices for the Polo Sedan

Additional Features Polo Sedan 63kW Trendline (manual) Polo Sedan 77kW Trendline Polo Sedan 63kW Comfortline (manual) Polo Sedan 77kW Comfortline (manual) Polo Sedan 77kW Comfortline Tiptronic
Metallic / Pearlescent Paint Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
MIB 230G Radio/CD: Bluetooth, SD card, USB & 4 Speakers Standard Standard
340G Radio: Colour Touch, Bluetooth, SD card, USB, App-Connect & 4 Speakers Standard Standard Standard
16” Portago Alloy wheels R4,600 R4,600 R4,600
Rain sensor with auto-dimming interior mirror R2,200 R2,200 R2,200
Rear-view Camera R3,710 R3,710 R3,710
Rear Park Distance Control R4,400 R4,400 R4,400 R4,400 R4,400
Cruise Control R2,150 R2,150 Standard Standard Standard
Smoker’s Package R400 R400 R400 R400 R400
We Connect Go Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
LED Headlamps with separate LED daytime running lights with Rear-view Camera R14,950 R14,950 R14,950

*Kindly take note that all prices are subject to change without prior notice. For the latest costs, please reach out to your preferred CFAO Volkswagen dealership.

VW Polo Sedan Interior & Exterior Details

Volkswagen polo sedan front exterior

The VW Polo Sedan range includes the latest safety and technology features, designed to make your drive as comfortable and secure as possible.

Side Airbags, Childproof Locks and Seat Mounts

The Polo Sedan comes equipped with side airbags, childproof locks on the rear doors and ISOFIX child seat mounts. With this combination of excellent features, you already have a superb vehicle. The sedan also features technologies such as ABS brakes with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) and an electronic stability programme (ESP).


The electronic stability programme (ESP) helps to correct your vehicle’s control on the road when oversteering, understeering or losing control of your vehicle. *On top of that ESP also controls the engine management system that helps restore traction to individual wheels when it detects a loss of grip.

*This last feature is standard on both the 1.5 TDI and 1.6 Comfortline Polo Sedan models.

Climatic Air Conditioner

This standard air conditioning system ensures that your temperature is regulated throughout your Polo Sedan, ensuring a pleasant cabin temperature for all.

Radio, Speakers, Bluetooth and USB functionality

The sedan features an RCD R340G radio (standard on the Comfortline models) as well as USB and Bluetooth functionality. The premium speakers also deliver superior sound quality, ensuring that you stay entertained on the road while jamming out to your favourite tunes.

App-Connect and a Colour Touchscreen

With App-Connect you can access and use music, mapping and other apps on your dash via your smartphone.

VW Polo sedan interior

Boot Space

The VW Polo Sedan boasts 454 litres of boot space – more than enough space for all of your belongings, and any passengers.


With cruise control (activating at speeds of over 30 km/h) you can keep your speed constant, allowing you to relax on your long drive. Cruise control is standard on the Comfortline models.

Front Exterior Features

With fog lights, you have that extra safety feature for when you’re driving in bad weather or are experiencing poor visibility. Fog lights are only available on the Comfortline models.

  • Side indicators in front mirrors
  • Colour-coded front bumper
  • Chrome trim on louvres (x3) on the front upper grille

Rear Exterior Features

The rear bumper comes with a 3D design that features rear reflectors and new tail lights with updated graphics.

  • Side and rear windows in heat-insulating glass
  • Colour-coded back bumper
  • Rear fog lights
  • “Bee-sting” roof antenna

Volkswagen Polo Sedan Exterior Rear View

VW Polo Sedan Review

The VW Polo Sedan is a vehicle that is revered for its space and reliability. With a boot space that beats out competitors like Mercedes and BMW – it is no wonder that this car is a favourite in the South African automotive market. While we talk about the space of this Polo Sedan, we may as well include a comparison between the trim levels available.

What are the dimensions of a VW Polo Sedan?

Polo Sedan Specification 63kW Trendline 77kW Trendline 63kW Comfortline 77kW Comfortline 77kW Comfortline Tiptronic
Height (mm) 1467 1467 1467 1467 1467
Track – front (mm) 1457 1457 1457 1457 1457
Track – rear (mm) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Turning circle (m) 10,8 10,8 10,8 10,8 10,8
Wheel base (mm) 2553 2553 2553 2553 2553
Ground clearance (mm) 163 163 163 163 163

As can be seen above, all variants share the same spatial measurements, however, the variants have different features.

The Polo Sedan range is especially good for those who’re looking for a budget-friendly new car with plenty of boot space for all of their (and their family’s) bits and bobs. Ané Theron, a motoring journalist at Auto Trader, has this to say: “[T]he Polo [S]edan remains a popular choice, especially if you need a large boot that will fit all of your family's paraphernalia.”

Ultimately, the Polo Sedan can be a more affordable option than most rival sedan vehicles. Along with Volkswagen’s stellar reputation for safety, this budget-friendly car is a great entry-level vehicle for families. This car is also great for anyone who needs more boot space for their daily commutes or runs a small transport business.

VW Polo Sedan FAQs

Is the Polo a Sedan?

There are different Volkswagen Polo variants. There is the Polo Vivo Hatch, Polo Hatch, Polo Sedan and the newest VW Polo (coming soon to VW CFAO).

How much is a Polo 6 sedan?

The Volkswagen Polo Sedan 1.6 variant starts from R288,900.

Is the VW Polo a good car?

The Volkswagen Polo is one of South Africa’s most popular vehicles. The vehicle upholds VW’s standard of safety and reliability. The different VW Polos available range from entry-level and affordable to luxurious.

How much is a Polo Vivo Sedan Instalment?

While our dealership no longer stocks Polo Vivo Sedans, our base level Polo Sedan starts from R4078 per month (10% deposit, 6 years at 7% interest).

Wondering Where To Buy A VW Polo Sedan?

We want you to find your dream Polo Sedan! CFAO is a certified Volkswagen Dealership,to hear from our past customers, please check out our customer reviews.

Need to find a Volkswagen Dealer near you? We have an easy-to-use online tool that helps you to locate a VW dealership in your area.

If you need to know more about the VW Polo Sedan and all it has to offer, please get in touch with our friendly team!

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