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VW Amarok 2023 Overview

If you’re looking for a powerful pick-up truck, the new VW Amarok 2023 is your future driving companion. This truck is designed to take on anything – from the tough terrain of off-road driving to the tougher roads of city living.

With its new convenience and performance improvements, you'll be able to take your adventures and driving experience even further. Coming soon to South Africa, this 2023 Amarok V6 is an automotive game-changer.

What makes the new Volkswagen Amarok different?

The Amarok 2023 is a powerful pick-up truck that was designed for the tougher roads of city living. It has a high-strength frame and durable tires to handle the toughest terrain and any adventure.

The new Amarok is also equipped with new convenience features that will improve off-road use. This can be attributed to the new height advances that allow a better ground clearance for your travels.


The new Amarok from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is a sleek and clear vehicle that presents its distinctive and clear design features – striking lines that have been sharpened by innovative designers in Australia and Germany.

According to VW, "The comfort, operating concept, connectivity and ambience in the completely new interior ensure that the new Amarok raises the benchmark for pick-ups in the global one-ton B-segment to a whole new level."

The exterior of the new Amarok has been greatly defined with clean lines and with a sporty look and feel. The interior is also more premium-looking and boasts a more luxurious quality than before.

There are also new high-tech driver assistance systems that allow for more driving comfort and exceptional convenience. The Amarok name comes from the dialect of North American Inuit and translates into "wolf". And this vehicle is certainly a wild force to be reckoned with!

What makes the Amarok 2023 so powerful?

One of the most important factors that make the double cab Amarok 2023 so powerful is its TDI (turbocharged direct injection) engine. This turbodiesel engine in the 2023 Amarok has an intercooler as well as a turbo compressor, with 6 cylinders for optimal power.

The new diesel engine system will likely follow its predecessors, linking to an automatic 10-speed gearbox. There is also a consistent four-wheel-drive system that allows more speed and capability off-road than previous VW Amarok models.

Unlike most conventional SUVs, the Amarok is designed to carry an impressive payload over rough and muddy terrain. This makes it perfect for those who need to transport a lot of things over a long period.

The new VW Amarok also meets the driving requirements exceptionally - it's an impressively reliable pickup truck. But you might be happier to learn that its performance on the road is also shockingly good!

VW Amarok 2023 FAQs

Will there be a new VW with a V6 engine?

Although the details for the 2023 Amarok are few & far between, this news article by Cars.co.za, confirms that a V6 engine will be available. Additionally, the turbodiesel engine has a turbo compressor and intercooler.

Is the new Amarok a Ford Ranger?

The new Amarok is being developed in conjunction with Ford and will be built in a Ford factory. However, the Amarok will still have distinct Volkswagen features and stand as a VW vehicle independently. You can read more about this alliance here.

What engine will the new Amarok have?

The new Amarok will feature a turbocharged diesel engine - making it powerful and economical. Although official details have not been released yet, it can be assumed that the new Amarok engine may draw from the Ford Ranger’s build due to its joint development.

Are Amaroks reliable?

The VW Amarok is a very reliable car with advanced safety features. The current Amarok model features automatic post-collision braking systems, electronic stabilisation programmes, trailer stabilisation and an anti-theft warning system. You can read more about the Amarok Safety features on the VW South Africa website.

VW Amarok 2022 Video Review

If you’d like to know more about the VW Amarok, you can watch this review by Chasing Cars, of the older 2022 model.

Get ready to take on the world with the new Amarok 2023!


The Amarok V6 2023 is a powerful pick-up that is perfect for men and women on the move. With its capabilities on city streets and off-road adventures, this vehicle boasts versatility and style. The exterior has been updated with impressive modern stylistic aspects while staying true to the Amarok roots.

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VW vehicles have always been celebrated for their craftsmanship and dependability and the Amarok only solidifies this. If you would like to join the VW family, you should do it with a Volkswagen Dealership that is certified - like VW CFAO. You can discover our customers’ experiences here.

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